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We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations and offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs. Learn more about the services we offer to help you achieve your business income goals.


Search Engine Optimizisation (SEO)

Looking to drive more traffic to your website?

We list businesses on search engines such as Google, Search, Bing Search, Google Maps incorporating techniques to ensure that the listing targets the correct audience, through careful keyword research, analytic data and various SEO practices, we assist you in achieving visibility and organic rankings

Strategic Marketing Consultations

Boost your sales and visibility

Strategic consultations based on our experience to assist your business to be on the right path for growth.

What we offer:

  • All-inclusive packages tailor-made according to your business needs

  • Monthly Retainer Services

Let us move your business forward to the ultimate level. 

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Analytics & Insight Tracking

Analyse data and insights behind the scene to help you see what actions are being taken on your website, social media platform and campaigns.

Set-up, record and measure web tracking across your digital marketing network to accurately illuminate successes and opportunities for business growth.


Ongoing reporting, measurement and performance management across all areas of the business digital marketing strategy, you can be assured that the metrics are in line with your goals and objectives while providing actionable insights for improving your marketing efforts.

Graphic & Brand Design

Our graphic artist can design a logo for your business or project, then turn it into a full corporate identity pack with business cards, letterheads, email signatures and social media banners. From there, we can expand your marketing material to printed design such as brochures, flyers and posters. We can even write and produce subtitles on your explainer video for internet marketing.

Shared Desk
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Google Ads & Marketing Campaigns

Create and run Google Ads and Social Media Campaigns for small to large companies. Marketing Volt manages and budgets Google Ad and Campaigns with expert knowledge of the platform and the audiences we are targeting and re-targeting for your business.

Paid Search Advertising (PPC - Paid Per Click) - We create targeted advertising campaigns by means of keyword research tools to attract active customers as well as potential customers that have shown interest by searching for products and services your business offers on search engines. 


Whether you're looking to increase the likes or follows of your brand's page or if you need a targeted campaign to generate revenue and new customers. Marketing Volt offers: 

  • Identification and assessment of the target audience.

  • Creation of effective social media marketing advertising campaigns

  • Continuous social media monitoring, including recognition and response from the implemented Campaign.

  • Targeting specific keywords, phrases, and topics relevant to your brand.

  • Utilisation of analytics and data-tracking tools for campaign improvement.

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Social Media Marketing

At Marketing Volt we:

  • Regularly scheduled updates as well as news and articles as they happen.

  • Continuous social media monitoring, including recognition and response.

  • Sustained research, tracking, and adaptation to online trends and resources.

  • Encouraging awareness and support within the blogging community and forums.

  • Targeting specific keywords, phrases, and topics relevant to your brand.

  • Monitoring and measuring analytics and data-tracking tools for strategy improvement.

Digital social media

We develop a cost smart social presence that drives business results.  


Web Design & Development

From Business Landing Pages to E-Commerce

Your website is the centre of your DIGITAL PRESENCE!! It's one of the few places on the internet where you can deliver your brand's message free of distortion or distraction. Marketing Volt's Web Development Services are perfect for Brands at any stage. We specialize in developing and designing websites that tell an unique story of your brand, while meeting the expectations of today's most discerning consumers. 

If your website has already been developed, but isn't performing to expectations, we can perform a detailed audit and work with you to improve site architecture, design, and responsiveness.

E-mail Marketing

Populate and send various types of content to a list of subscribers via email, therefor assisting your business website traffic, leads, or sales can result in growth of your business.

Not sure whether e-mail marketing is still effective for your business strategy?

If you haven’t implemented an email marketing campaign for your business, don’t miss out on connecting with your customers and increasing your sales anymore. Marketing Volt can set up an email campaign that fits your business goals perfectly.

The E-mail Marketing Services do we offer: 

  • Tailored E-mail advertising campaigns for your business

  • Product and service promotions that convert readers into customers

  • Growing your e-mail newsletter listings

We analyze and provide detailed reporting using Google Analytics to give you insights on how your recipients interact with your campaigns and website.

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